Welcome to the First OASIS Survey on Complete Dentures

An initiative of:
The OASIS Knowledge Translation Team 
Lifelong Learning (L3), Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
Dr. Cheryl Cable, Principal Investigator, School of Dentistry
University of Alberta
Let's start
The purpose of this survey is for dentists across Canada to partake in designing how undergraduate dentistry should be taught that is reflective of their personal environments.

You will have the opportunity to receive 1 Continuing Dental Education Credit Point upon completion of this survey and the self-reflection phase.
Have you made dentures in your office in the past? *

Do you currently do Complete Denture cases? *

If you do not do denture cases in your office, who do you refer your patients to? *

How frequently do you do complete denture cases? *

Do you accept all patients or do you refer some patients out? *

On average, how many appointments does it take for you to make and insert a complete denture? *

On average, how many post insertion appointments do you schedule with denture patients? *

Which of the following steps do you do when undertaking a complete denture?

Do you take radiographs? *

If yes, then what type? *

Do you take alginate preliminary impressions? *

Do you take final impressions? *

If yes, then do you use: *

What material do you use? *

Do you create a posterior palatal seal? *

If yes, what technique? *

Do you utilize jaw relation records (wax occlusal rims)? *

Do you use a facebow? *

Do you use an articulator? *

Do you do a wax denture try-in? *

Upon insertion which of the following steps do you complete? *

Do you see patients' need for complete dentures changing in the near future? *

Do you see an increasing probability for complete dentures to be made with digital scanning techniques in the near future? *

Would you be interested in digital scanning technology for your practice for complete dentures? *

Would you be interested in digital scanning technology for your practice for complete dentures if it did the following? *

Should we be teaching complete dentures in dental schools? *

In your opinion, how well are we teaching complete dentures in dental schools? *

Do you have any other suggestions for strengthening complete denture care?

Lastly, just some general demographic questions

How would you identify your gender?

What is your age group?

What year did you graduate from dental school?

What is the population of the area where you practice dentistry?

Please tell us the postcode of your practice location

Where did you receive your original dentistry degree?

What is your practice type?

Have you completed any continuing education courses on Complete Dentures?

That's it, you're done!

Thank you for completing this survey. Your input is greatly appreciated and your responses have been submitted to the research team for analysis.

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